ATEAGO Shows GOBOT AGV (Robotics Basement) On Hannover Messe 2019

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It's a cold Spring here in Hannover this year, but it's hot because we ATEAGO team are passionate for the amazing industrial service applications that GOBOT AGV will bring.




With professional after-sale service system, technical support capability as well as rich business distribution resources of GOBOT robotics team, we showed three robots(one of them speaks German, English and Dutch).




Except service robots with speech interaction, video conference, auto-navigation(in door), remote controlling,entertainment and auto-movement features, we are LAUNCHING our robotics basement - AGV as well, which can load weight up to 100 KG and can be customized and programmed with the available SDK/API for more uses including service area and even industrial area. 




ATEAGOers know quite well that the only eternal thing in the world is changing. As an innovative company for consumer electronic products, ATEAGO will take the chance to make some change for the future. The exhibition has witnessed all kinds of new-emerging electronics products every year, but among those, you will find the service robot plays an important role in people's life and business activities with the year-by-year ascending trend.






2019-04-10 11:35




According to the ATEAGO 2.0 strategy, ATEAGO is heading to industrial service area to launch the new model - robotics basement - GOBOT AGV